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Are you faced with the task of having to communicate complex and comprehensive information to employees and clients? Are you looking for an attractive platform for your company and your messages? Would you, at the same time, like to network on behalf of your organisation? And, do you have a limited budget?

While conferences, presentations and panel discussions offer an attractive communication platform, they also come with high expectations of the presenter and the content itself.

Creating a good concept and making a success of presenting it, requires as much editorial flair as experience in the publication of electronic media and hosting talk shows.

Giving the right briefing and training to your speakers and panellists is equally important: Whether or not their public appearance promotes your company's image, will depend on how skilful they are at spotlighting the issues that matter.

Inform, entertain, inspire, convince - with live communication!

our offer

We bring more than 30 years of event experience – from conception to realisation to hosting and presenting – making us fit to be your chosen partner for seminars, panels, conferences and client events – from content design to organising and presenting the event. 

'The sky is the limit' rarely holds true, as we, being an SME, know only too well. That is why we create our concepts in such a way that they not only meet your needs but also your budget.

Together, we prioritise your messages and tailor them to reach each and every audience. We work in close collaboration with your communications team, your event agency and your technicians to make sure you and your company have a great appearance. We will carefully prepare your senior management for their public appearances; together, we will set the priorities and set the stage for a good show.

Being an SME, we are aware that funds are not unlimited.


Mandates in conferences, moderations, presentations and seminars

The stage is yours!

Companies and decision-makers in the spotlight

Several hundred events and thousands of hours in electronic media have taught us what it takes for a company and its representatives make a strong public appearance. Be it on behalf of our clients or as the organiser, we conceive, realise, present and host congresses, news conferences, presentations and panels on a multitude of topics.


Health & Tourism

since 2015

In 2015, Christian Gartmann launched the symposium "Health & Tourism" together with Isabel Wenger to promote health-related tourism in the Alps. At the second conference, more than 150 experts in the fields of tourism, healthcare, regional development, politics, and media – from five German-speaking Alpine countries and eight Swiss cantons – gathered to discuss the topic.

Christian Gartmann leads the project. He holds the responsibility for setting the topic, committing the speakers, sponsoring and media relations. He also hosts the conference. Isabel Wenger is in charge of the conference organisation, including speaker and attendee management, catering and conference technology.

> Symposium «Health & Tourism» (in German only)

Sports Forum Switzerland

since 1995

Christian Gartmann began hosting the "Sport Forum Switzerland" back in his radio days, kicking off the conference series at its inaugural conference. In later years, he regularly appeared at the forum as guest on a panel. In 2010, he took over the management of the, acting as its host and presenter. He is instrumental in deciding on the issues and the guests ahead of the conference. Besides running the, Christian Gartmann hosts several panels at the main conference, as well as the breakfast session on the second day of the conference which includes presentations, interviews and panel discussions.

The «», held at the Culture and Convention Centre in Lucerne (KKL), is the most important conference of the Swiss sports industry. In 2016, the conference counted some 600 attendees from sports associations, sport event organisers, sports sponsors and sports media, as well as athletes.

ESB Marketing Netzwerk, St. Gallen (website in German only)

150-year anniversary of winter tourism


A public spectacle was held in the centre of St. Moritz on the occasion of the jubilee winter season. The show attracted more than 3,200 spectators and was organised by the town of St. Moritz and the Engadin St. Moritz Tourism Organisation.

Christian Gartmann helped design and produce the 90-minute show; he also hosted the show. 

It took a team 100+ to stage the show, 80 of which appeared on stage, in the air, on a ski slope that was built just for the show. A series of live interviews with witnesses and films of the times portrayed St. Moritz's 150-year-old history as a winter sports destination as well as 50 years of Willy Bogner films and fashion. 

St. Moritz talk of the town

2012 – 2018

Christian Gartmann launched his successful format of the Town Talks in 2012; he has been producing them several times a year ever since as a co-production with the St. Moritz Town Association and the St. Moritz Tourism Board. As in a talk show, he and his guests on the podium debate the issues; in contrast to a regular talk show, though, he actively involves the audience into the discussion. Well-known personalities from Swiss and international business, politics, tourism and sports regularly appear at the St. Moritz Town Talks. 


Personal Publishing for top athletes

2012 – 2016

Seminars designed for top athletes on how to promote their media presence in the long term. Developed and prepared for Swiss Olympic (in the run-up the Olympic Games), the Swiss Parliament of the Athletes, as well as managers of top athletes. 

> Swiss Olympic Association, Berne (website in German only)
> Management services firm for top athletes 

Seminars and speeches on «modern media in management», held under, a brand of Over 100 executives and business owners have attended to date. 

> Various clients and organisers 

New media expertise in management

seit 2010

Panel of experts: Sports and tourism


On the occasion of the World Ski Championships 2017, a major Swiss bank invited guests from around the world to St. Moritz. Panel discussions with former top skiers as well as executives in sports management and tourism formed a part of the evening program.

Christian Gartmann advised the project management in developing the format and topics, and he was the moderator of the debates. Swiss Tourism CEO Jürg Schmid, sports manager and organiser Gian Gilli, former World Champions and participants in the Olympic Games Tina Maze (SLO), Martina Ertl-Renz (GER), Daniel Albrecht (SUI), and Didier Cuche (SUI) were the panelists. 

> Major Swiss bank 

Upper Engadin District


Advise on, design and host public briefings and debates on a referendum proposal to build a new nursing home on behalf of the Upper Engadin District

Kreis Oberengadin

«Bilderberg» Conference


International Bilderberg conference at the Hotel Suvretta House in St. Moritz: Develop program modules with a link to the Engadin. Motivational speech on the Engadin. 

Vischer, Merkt & Partner, Zürich

Expert panel «Euro stability»


Create the format for, design and moderate an expert panel on the stability of the Euro, the business environment, as well as regulatory and other economic issues at an investor conference in Germany.

> Private Equity Firm, Schweiz