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The challenges of the information society

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The information society of the 21st century creates new opportunities for businesses, but at the same time poses new threats. Business models that had proved to be successful for so many years are being made obsolete by new entrants into the market; it has become all but impossible to plan for the long term, this goes for the production of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) but even for durables and investment goods. In the 'sharing economy', participation primes over property; 'win-win' has become more relevant than 'win-loose'.

Adaptability of thinking and acting has become the new maxim in modern business management – challenging investors, entrepreneurs, boards and management alike.



Board member, consultant, sparring partner

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For more than 20 years, Christian Gartmann has held management positions with local, national and international companies, both in operational and strategic roles. Drawing on firsthand experience, he knows at first hand what it takes to be a C-level leader or board member. 

Clients and employees, suppliers and competitors, government institutions and the media have more information at their disposal than ever and are increasingly calling for transparency and credibility in everything that a company does. Be it as a board member, consultant or sparring partner for senior management, Christian Gartmann is a competent partner for all levels in a company.


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Setting the course for the future

20 years of experience in strategic management

Think tank for tourism industry issues

since 2013

«St. Moritz 360» brings together a broad spectrum of people from St. Moritz – several generations in tourism, trade, commerce and services as well as contrarians – and experts from outside. In their workshops, the group discusses topical and strategic issues. The outcome of the think tank sessions serve as helpful input for the work of the St. Moritz Tourism Commission; they are also made available to the wider public. created the concept for the think tank together with the St. Moritz Tourist Board. Christian Gartmann runs and hosts the think tank.

> The St. Moritz Tourism Board

Member of the Board of Directors of a publishing house


Merumpress Ltd is the publisher of the Merum magazine, an insider journal on Italian wines and Italian olive oils. The readers are experts, connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike – it is the only German-language medium that writes solely on Italian wines and olive oils.

The company went through a turn-around. Tasks included analysis and re-definition of the business model, securing sustainability of income streams while strictly controlling the cost side.  

Merumpress Ltd, Switzerland and Italy (Website in German only)

Strategy development in retail


Strategy development process ahead of a succession to the next generation within the family business. SME in retail and service with 12 outlets and 100 employees in Switzerland.

Skiservice Corvatsch, Silvaplana - St. Moritz

Strategy execution in the context of the strategy development process


Prioritising issues, setting milestones and deadlines for sub-strategies. Selecting and assigning staff members and outside consultants. Swiss SME in retail and service with 12 outlets and 100 employees.

Foundation board member


A representative of the Swiss advertising industry in the Mediapulse Foundation (by appointment of Switzerland's Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications DETEC). 

Digital business models for trade fairs and exhibitions


Visitors at trade fairs are met with a profusion of both editorial and commercial content. How can this content best contribute to the business models of the future? Developing and conducting a workshop with exhibition hall operators and content providers.

MCH Group (Messe Schweiz), Basel

Chairman of the Board of an Internet ad sales company


Publicitas web2com Ltd, an arm of Publicitas, sells advertising and sponsorship solutions on online and mobile platforms. Following the takeover by PublicGroupe SA, Web2com was incorporated into Publicitas's all-media sales.

Newbase Ltd (formely Publicitas Ltd)

Board member advertising media research


As an independent industry body, WEMF AG for Advertising Media Research ensures transparency in the media and advertising industry. The organisation was established in 1964 by interest groups in the advertising and publishing sectors.

Christian Gartmann acted as representative of Publicitas AG in both the Board of the Association and the company's Board of Directors.

WEMF Ltd for Advertising Media Research (Website in German only)

Give guidance and rebuild media sales organisation


Market analysis, advertising sales scenarios, management coaching. Introduce a new advertising and sponsorship sales structure for a radio station.

> (Private media owner, Switzerland)

Market introduction of SnackTV in Switzerland


Introduction of a new online video service for media companies based in Switzerland. Make introductions to relevant network, market analyses, advising on marketing/sales and strategic issues.

Board of Directors TV advertising sales


Publicitas Cinecom Ltd and Publicitas Cinecom & Media Ltd sell advertising and sponsorship solutions for private TV stations from abroad as well as cinema advertising space in Switzerland. Following the acquisition by PubliGroupe Ltd, both companies underwent a restructuring and restoration to profitability.

As a member of the board, Christian Gartmann was highly involved in the turnaround of the two companies. The cinema advertising business was subsequently sold off to the Weischer Media group.

Publicitas Ltd (Website in German)

Member of the board TV advertising sales


Goldbach Media AG – in those days, IP Multimedia (Switzerland) AG – is the leading commercial TV advertising sales company in Switzerland. As pioneers of the 'advertising window', the company sells advertising and sponsorship solutions on behalf of both the ProSiebenSat.1 and the RTL Groups.

As managing director for Switzerland, Christian Gartmann represented the Pro SiebenSat.1 Group on the board of directors of IP Multimedia (Switzerland) AG.

Goldbach Media 

Chairman of the Board media sales organisation


Publicitas Radiotele Ltd sold advertising space on behalf of private Swiss TV and radio stations as well as on teletext. The company resulted from Radiotele Ltd after it was taken over by PubliGroupe SA in 2006. The advertising sales business was subsumed under Publicitas's all-media sales strategy. In his capacity as chairman of the board, Christian Gartmann led the company's turnaround following the take-over.

Publicitas Ltd

Setting up and structuring a TV company


ProSieben Schweiz Ltd was set up to launch TV program slots with Swiss content. Christian Gartmann established and organised the company; he was the company's first delegate to the board of directors. The company successfully produces TV content for Switzerland to date.

ProSieben Schweiz

Consulting on Social Media


Developing a strategy, evaluating demand and options, training, implementation. RE/MAX franchiser with 65 franchisees in over 100 locations across Switzerland.

RE/MAX Switzerland, Dierikon (website in German)

Strategy review media propositions


Revisit the strategy and evaluate options, workshop with top management and members of the board – including SWOT analysis as a basis for strategic decisions of both management and board.

> SI Sports Information, Swiss News Agency SDA, Switzerland 

Board of directors radio station / radio ad sales

The capital city radio BE1 was once jointly owned by the Neue Zürcher Zeitung  (subsequently Ringier) and the media sales firm PubliGroupe SA. Christian Gartmann represented PubliGroupe on the board of directors during the turnaround until the company disposed of its shares. After PubliGroupe's withdrawal from the company, Radio BE1 became part of Ringier's Energy Group. 

Radio Energy Bern

Content concepts for mobile portal


First ever «Blick-TV» App for iPhone und iPad.

Voice Publishing Ltd  |  on behalf of Ringier Ltd

Board of directors content provider for TV guide data


EPS Programmservice Ltd was established as a joint-venture between the ProSiebenSat.1 Group, the RTL Group, ZDF Enterprises, SRG SSR and Ringier with the intent to compile joint TV listings data for TV guides and the upcoming online platforms and to make them available to own and third-party outlets. The company ran into financial difficulties in the aftermath of the bursting of the «» bubble.

Christian Gartmann represented the ProSiebenSat.1 Group on the board of directors. After it had become clear that a turn-around was impossible, he pressed ahead with the winding-up of the company. 

ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG