Hallo liebe Unterländer

From Grisons for Grisons

since 2015

«Hallo liebe Unterländer» (picking on an idiomatic Swiss expression, it best translates as 'Dear compatriots from the lowlands') is a private initiative from Christian Gartmann and Isabel Wenger to promote tourism in their home canton of Grisons. The films – to be taken with a pinch of salt – sing the praises of Grisons as a holiday destination and are distributed over Facebook, Youtube and traditional media. So far, 40 films have been made that totaled more than 1.85 million views. Viral spread in social media is un-sponsored; gross reach, to date, has climbed to 5.5 million. 

Traditional media have also taken notice of the initiative: following reports in local and regional newspapers, the national news website '20 Minuten' wrote a piece on the initiative. The article created 220,000 page impression, and the featured film was watched 140,000 times. 

«"Hallo liebe Unterländer" is my small contribution to the well-being of tourism in the region I live in,» comments Christian Gartmann. «Anyone else could do it too. We should all be working towards a stronger and more prosperous hospitality industry in our country.»


www.facebook.com/GR4GR  (in German)