St. Moritz Talks

Topics that make a difference in the Engadin

seit 2012

Christian Gartmann kicked off the 'St. Moritz talks' in 2012, and entered a partnership with the 'Dorfverein', the local association for the promotion of St. Moritz. The talks take up themes that are currently highly relevant to the Engadin in general, or the St. Moritz village centre in particular. The St. Moritz talks are more than just panel discussions: the audience participates in the debates, the format is similar to that of a talk show.

Here, local political, touristic, economic and public decision-makers meet the residents of St. Moritz and the Engadin, as well as visitors to the valley. Depending on the topic to be discussed, either experts or lateral thinkers will be invited as guests. 

A selection of guests invited to the talks: 

  • Simon Ammann (four-times Olympic champion ski jumping)
  • Sigi Asprion (Gemeindepräsident St. Moritz)
  • Reto Branschi (CEO tourism marketing organisation Davos Klosters)
  • Guglielmo Brentel (president Swiss Hotel Association)
  • Prof. Aymo Brunetti (economist University of Berne)
  • Dr. Mario Cavigelli (cantonal government council, Grisons)
  • Prof. Andreas Deuber (Tourism & Leisure, University of Applied Sciences Chur)
  • Urezza Famos (publisher)
  • Simon Jacomet (founder ZAI Skis)
  • Christian Jott Jenny (founder Festival da Jazz, St. Moritz)
  • Pascal Jenny (tourism director Arosa)
  • Gian Franco Kasper (President FIS)
  • Klaus-Dieter Koch (branding consultant)
  • Prof. Christian Lässer (Tourismus, University of St. Gallen)
  • Nick Lüthi (schoolboy)
  • Bernhard Russi (Swiss skiing legend)
  • Rolf Sachs (designer und sportsman)
  • Jürg Schmid (CEO Switzerland Tourism)
  • Giulia Spada (apprentice in commerce)
  • Ruth Spitzenpfeil (journalist Neue Zürcher Zeitung newspaper)
  • Otto Steiner (owner Steiner Sarnen Schweiz)
  • Thomas Sterchi (owner Zermatt Unplugged festival)
  • Matteo Thun (architect and designer)

Since 2016, the St. Moritz talks are being held as a co-production with the St. Moritz Village Association and the St. Moritz Tourism Board.